Environmentally friendly refrigeration –
Sturdy, low-maintenance and operationally safe

Systems with low consumption and without waste heat loss

LINVENT products are not only enormously powerful, but also environmentally friendly. Power consumption has been reduced by up to 90%.

At the same time they work reliably and with little need for maintenance and as a result reduce the regular operating costs. The nitrogen needed is acquired as a “waste product” during the extraction of oxygen for heavy industry (3/4 of the air we breathe), liquefied, utilised in the refrigeration process and then returned to the atmosphere.

At no time do samples or employees come into contact with nitrogen during this cycle. Nor does any employee have to work in a chilled atmosphere - consequently LINVENT systems also make an ergonomically important contribution to work safety.

Overview of our products


Experience new application technologies live

Visit our development and test centre and get an impression of the versatility and advantages of the possible uses.

We simulate the influence of different ambient temperatures in a special climatic chamber.

We look forward to seeing you in Seevetal/Hittfeld, An der Reitbahn 15.

LINVENT Kühlsysteme
LINVENT Kühlsysteme
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