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Cabinet systemLINVENT 1000

Available as models
+4°C bis -20°C
-21°C bis -60°C
-61°C bis -90°C


Cabinet system

The LINVENT 1000 cooling system has a storage capacity of 1,050 bags (350 ml filled) or 1,200 titre plates with 115,200 retained samples (1.5 ml tubes)

  • Different cabinet fittings, like extension drawers, doors and flaps, provide more customizing options for users. In this way you can determine the number of storage levels used.
  • Space requirements: approx. 1.5 m2, with 90° door position approx. 2.7 m2 (2,100 x 1,250 x 1,100 mm)
  • Documentation of all accesses and system conditions. Organisation of stored products by storage administration system
  • Maximum process reliability permits deviation from previously customary temperature buffers to protect stored goods (e.g. a system temperature of -35°C instead of -40°C)

The cabinet system is available as single cabinet, double or triple combination (to save space and costs).

Setting up several LINVENT 1000 systems results in savings potential through the reduction of the components used. For example, in a back-to-back set-up both the base as well as the top component can be produced in one piece; the number of side components and vacuum panels can be reduced in a set-up in series.

For lesser requirements – LINVENT 800

  • LINVENT 800 requires less space to set up and has a smaller useful storage volume, but on the basis of the LINVENT 1000 is likewise available across all temperatures.
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Cabinet extensions- Door

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Cabinet extensions- full extension drawer

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Cabinet extensions- flaps


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LINVENT Kühlsysteme
LINVENT Kühlsysteme
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